bon soir

That plus “c’est la vie” is truly all the French I know, and this despite listening to chattering Quebecoise for three summers running. (Something about “femme la bouche” I heard fairly often, and I think it’s a curse). Regarding raggedy shotgun ann, I’ll quote Charles Bradley: “I ain’t gonna give it up.” I really thought I would drop this blog, but then people I greatly respect contacted me and said they’d miss the reviews. The main reason I was going to hang it up was that it seemed too self promotional. If it’s bringing a little lightness, cool, I’ll keep going. On a related note, if you’re feeling stressed out by the near constant negativity and fear porn circulating through the electric grid right now, here’s something you can do. The Blue Medicine Buddha is all about cutting through illusions.

There’s a big mantra to the Medicine Buddha, to calm a worried mind and remove obstacles. There’s a visualization in which you imagine your own face on this Buddha, who lives in the pure land called Sukavati. The Medicine Buddha prayer:


(bhekhandzye is pronounced like: beck and z.) If you’re interested in the translation, follow this link. Have a peaceful night folks, and thanks again for reading.

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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to bon soir

  1. Joan Virgil says:

    Glad you’ve reconsidered, Erin! I definitely need the Blue Medicine Buddha right now…so much angst around this toxic election. Living in Sukavati sounds idyllic, too, or is that reserved for him/her(?)

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