science fashion

I came across this article recently, and it’s so cool I had to post it.  This is the farthest reaching example of bioengineering meets 3D printing (and fashion!) I’ve seen yet, and it  makes me think of a whole society wearing these …garments? machines? bio-machines? Please add your own take on them if you like.  Would you wear one, to create energy while you walk around your kitchen? Do they even look comfortable enough to put on?

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One Response to science fashion

  1. Joan Virgil says:

    This is too much, and NO, I can’t imagine anyone actually wearing these “outfits”. That said, 100 years ago who would ever envision we’d land on the moon, let alone fly all over the world in 747’s? Not to mention the quantum leap in technology in the last 20 years or so. Seems a bit like science fiction (the outfits), but you never know…

    FYI, I wasn’t able to verify that Michael Buble was the winner of The Voice. He’s been on the show as a singer and coach, though.

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