has come to pass.  Our government is using our money to spy on us.  The NSA’s massive internet and phone tapping program is appalling and wrong.  Did anyone vote for this? I didn’t.  And I don’t believe President Obama when he says, “We haven’t listened in on any conversations.”  Well, even if that were true, all our conversations are recorded, and they can listen whenever they please, build a case against any citizen, and imprison them.  That’s a gulag, not a democracy.  The corporation of America (go to i-uv for the full story on that, on how we have a corporation, not a democratic government—and much more  crucial information) is a frightening place, and its citizens have lost their voices.  And then there’s this terrifying news: we’re being watched from above by flying killer robots (which, I had suspected for a while, but it’s always a shock when something like this becomes public).

Neither is the argument “listening in saves lives from terrorist attacks” valid.  Terrorists know the lines are bugged; if they’re intelligent enough to set off a bomb, they’re not going to send an email announcing this intention, with dates and locations.  It’s the same argument that those in power have thrown against journalists for years, since the Pentagon papers and before.  The first amendment to the Constitution, the one we hold most dear, guarantees freedom of speech.  When our phone conversations are recorded without our consent, we’re not free to communicate, our basic rights are being violated.

And yet, after the initial flurry of outrage in Congress after Ed Snowden (a true patriot) revealed the extent of the NSA’s spying infrastructure, I don’t see much happening.  That’s not true; the internet, the last bastion of free exchange (despite the presence of Big Brother) is lit up with discussion.  Television media, not so much.  Fox News is not to be relied upon for any honest discourse (which is why Glen Beck left and started his own internet show, dedicated to truth and healing).  But will our representatives do anything about it? They’ll sit in a closed door hearing and talk; but real change? Dunno.  The lion’s share of the work, keeping pressure on our elected officials, lies with us.  Currently, I’m between residences, straddling states; I don’t know who I’m supposed to call, and I realize this is a problem for many people.  For anyone who’s homeless, for instance.  So for now, I write about it here, and meditate on harmony.  Doesn’t sound like much, unless you’re in tune with the mass awakening of human consciousness which is happening right now.  Again, go to i-uv.com.

In conclusion, George Orwell is rolling over in his grave, his sci-fi horror story has been birthed in our world.  People are abducted and held without charge, everyone is watched.  But I stand unafraid, I don’t censor anything I write here, that’s living in fear.  And that’s not the life I choose, nor the energy I want to send out into the universe.

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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to 1984

  1. Tim says:

    I’m glad this means something to you. I think you should pay attention to, and promote, Rand Paul from KY, Elizabeth Warren from MA, and Bernie Sander from VT. That’s a republican, a democrat, and an independent that should be on the tip of everyone’s lips.

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