here’s a poem I wrote a while ago but edited recently

Cinema verite

If bad guys were any kind of shot
good guys wouldn’t make it through the fourth scene.
Scene one introduces good
two is for bad, a bookend.
Sometimes, bad comes first, and then we know the movie will be “heavy.”
Scene three is usually the love interest, or, if the good guy is deeply troubled, the lack of one.
And four, some sort of action—a shot at close range, always an inexplicable, expected miss.
The good guy is saved by a tree branch, helicopter, mysterious outstretched hand.
This too, could be love
but we won’t find out
until he holds out through several more
near misses.


About emvlovely

Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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