spring snowstorm

is coming to northern Colorado tomorrow, which is a bummer for a bunch of reasons.   First of all, it’s finally spring here, with daffodils, tulips, and crocuses blooming.  Some trees are budding and there’s no bite to the wind anymore.  Colorado is very windy—to have a warmer strain to the gusts that come down off the Rockies is welcome.  And yet, a foot and more snow tomorrow.

Besides the giant let-down of more winter, the timing of this storm is bad; we’ve got a hell of a lot of things to do this week and next (while we’re still parked in the RV park) and most of them require being outside, working on or around the RV.  I’ve got boxes of stuff to go through and give away, we’ve got repairs to make, cleaning inside and out—all of these things come to a screeching halt in a snowstorm.  I suppose I’ll use the time indoors to write more, and possibly re-list the junk on ebay that didn’t sell the first time.  Oh brr, it’s already cold and gray (writing this outside, as the sky gets darker and heavier) and soon it will be snowing.  Or, I could watch some more bad movies and review them here…my bad reviews get more views than anything else, for some reason.  Anyway, wherever you are reading this, I hope it’s not snowing on you tonight.  Perhaps I’ll build a snowman, angrily shaking his fists at the sky…

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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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2 Responses to spring snowstorm

  1. Joan Virgil says:

    Hi Erin,

    Sorry about the April snowstorm. We heard about it on the news this morning, and hope it passes quickly. From the news report, the temps in Denver were 70+degrees yesterday, but have fallen to the 20s today – a 50 degree temperature drop!

    Dad and I are wondering about your plans to leave the RV park – were you planning to tell us about this soon?

    Love, Mom

    • emvlovely says:

      Hi Mom,

      First of all thank you for always reading my goofy blog. I feel very lucky that you follow me, and support me. We have to move because the RV park is upping the rates on May 1. Have a few other places to be, will tell you about them this weekend on the phone/when I see you on Monday, yay!

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