spring things

which I miss living in an RV:

Seeing the bulbs I planted in October come up as tulips and crocuses.

Having a backyard to sit in (Clear Creek is our backyard, which is beautiful, but not private at all.  Yesterday, Easter Sunday, around five hundred people and four hundred dogs went by).

Planning some sort of summer party, not that I ever threw one.

And here are things that happen in spring regardless of habitat:

Canadian geese get honkier.  Early in the morning, they are squawking about the RV park.

Suddenly, teenagers and college kids are wearing bikinis, even though it’s only forty or fifty degrees.  This seems to happen more in Colorado than the east coast.

Dandelions come up and this makes me very happy.  Soon I will make the first batch of dandelion wine this year.

Resting animals wake up.  The skunk that’s been hibernating somewhere around here just woke up three days ago, we think he lives in a burrow on the bank of Clear Creek.

And last, everyone seems to make more plans.  In winter, we stay more isolated.  Spring and summer time, you can throw a party even if you live in a cardboard box; it’s warm enough to spend more than ten minutes outside.

June rose

June rose

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