if I could unvote for Obama, I would

Many of our president’s decisions have troubled me.  But last night when he signed the Monsanto Protection Act, I pretty much lost whatever respect for him I had left.  Over 250,000 Americans asked him to veto it; he signed without hesitation, or even acknowledging the petition.  I see no appreciable difference between Democrats and Republicans, only the widespread and disgusting influence of dirty money from corporations.

Monsanto is responsible for the majority of GMO foods, patenting seeds and chemically creating new frakenfoods constantly.  And yet, the president and most congressmen agree that this corporate person deserves “protection.”  No, actually, we the people need protection from genetically modified foods, which have not been studied (or even adequately discussed in public).  Their long-term effects on the body, and on the ecosystems they take over, are not known.  And Monsanto is evil, period.  They take small farmers to court for “patent infringement” when freaky Monsanto seeds drift into the farmers’ fields, and drag out the suits to bankrupt the last small farms.

Too depressed to add any more to this, so I’ll just add a painting I did a few years ago, about what a corporate person might look like.  Obama, you let us down, again.

"and not one heart between them"

“and not one heart between them”


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