potentially decent movie falls flat

potentially decent movie falls flat.

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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to potentially decent movie falls flat

  1. Joan Virgil says:

    Hi Erin!

    Read your blog/movie critique, which was quite descriptive. The Immortals is one I’ll never see – thanks for the warning…!

    I noticed Tim Leonard wrote something on your blog. Guess he’s still living in Boston, and assume he’s still married to the doctor(?)

    FYI, we’ve scheduled Nana’s memorial for 4/27. Jen and Justin are definitely coming; not sure about Aunt Carol at this point. We may have 12 people if everyone we’ve invited can attend. We’re thinking you may want to come to Albany a week or two before the event, depending on your work situation in CO, since Dad and I can definitely use some help cleaning out 594. We plan to go there regularly over the next 2 months to pull out the rest of the “stuff”, but the property is really draining us in more ways than one, so the sooner we can unload it, the better. Dad and I will be in touch soon to discuss the plans and arrange your transportation.

    Say “hi” to Steve, and hope all is well.

    Love, Mom

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