Happy 4th of July everyone

I spent the day working and watching bad movies. In the course of my “work,” I read this article, much to my chagrin: http://news.yahoo.com/spidey-relaunches-tuesday-record-35m-153508646.html

Really, Hollywood? Another remake of the original Spiderman story?  Didn’t the last one just come out six or eight years ago or some such?  As proof of America’s love of Hollywood and summer, the same exact story (but with different actors!) told for the forty-sixth time shattered box office records.  Let me be clear: I like Stan Lee, sometimes, and I love the original Spidey, especially the goofy early cartoons. But enough’s enough; there are other comic book heroes worthy of a summer blockbuster. Or, could we actually create some new comic book superheroes? I’ve got a whole lineup of potential superstars ready to go, starting with Hagarella, the prophetic bag lady (episode one: “from bags to bitches”). But will Hagarella ever see the big screen? Not while Peter Parker’s still got a pulse.

There, that’s it, I did my patriotic duty and ragged on Hollywood for pooping out another pre-packaged remake.  I’m done until next year. Happy Fourth of July!


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