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my project for Saturday evening

was a photo collage of sorts, on Pinterest Advertisements

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little lift

Here are some very pretty movies about the feast of St. John’s last week in Poland (we call it Solstice)

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piece I just wrote on the fourth of July

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after thinking it over for a day,

I’ve decided to post a poem I wrote about the fires in Colorado, north and south now. Here’s my poem: all day all night two weeks of trees burning, animals losing their dens, nests newly homeless families lonely people too … Continue reading

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are apparently a relatively recent social development (regression?), created by both the storybook marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles and the gluttony of spending encouraged by the politics and atmosphere of the 1980’s.  I recently discovered them, via a … Continue reading

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another piece I wrote a while back,

and I just can’t decide if it’s any good. I wrote it for a Yahoo assignment, let me know what you think.

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high park fire, still

burning, very unfortunately.  It’s 45% contained, but the 90 degree heat today is not helping the fire fighters.  Very soon it could breach this big hill and start down towards the Horsetooth Resevoir, home to many different ecosystems, and lots … Continue reading

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summer crafty ideas

I didn’t invent any of these, they’re pretty standard arts and crafts projects, but worth revisiting, I think

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photo challenge: close

photo challenge: close

sometimes the full moon feels pretty close

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thrift store monsters

My latest project has been very rewarding; I’ve been painting monsters into Bob Ross landscapes I’ve found at thrift stores.  So far I have finished three, and now it’s really all I want to do.  Here they are:

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