a new moon in Pisces

…brings possibility for this Aquarius. After the work I’ve done lately, cleaning out & converting old paper and junk into other things, and writing small notes here and there; it’s like I could keep doing this same thing for a hundred years.  But I’m already 32 and living to 132 seems very selfish, especially given the rate we’re all consuming the planet.  Here are my predictions for the whole zodiac (note: I know very little about astronomy or astrology, so proceed with caution):

Pisces: Happy birthday! The new moon brings you a renewed drive that may have started (and waned a little, or gone all the way dark even) at the beginning of the lunar new year. When I think of you Pisces, I remember Keats’ epitaph: “A man whose name was writ in water.”  Not in any way morbid, oh no, but seeing the fish tales flopping around, writing and unwriting all sorts of names.

Aries:  Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothes.  At first I wrote this because you’re a ram and I just finished reading a wonderfully scary book which features golden sheep with lion heads, but now I think it fits for you, Aries. Stay alert.

Taurus: Driving around northern Colorado, I see a lot bulls grazing, usually off by themselves.  If that’s what you need this winter Taurus, a break from the pack, please take one.  Your burning intuition will bring you to the right patch of earth.

Gemini: Two sides to a moon cycle and two sides to you, dear Gemini.  On the dark side of the moon, write a list of things you wish you had said, in anger, or in revenge. By the next full moon, forget them all forever.

Cancer: This is the year of the water dragon, and you’re like a tiny water dragon, Cancer, crawling in and out of tide pools.  Harness all that muscle and shell, and put it towards the most important project you’ve taken on this year; and if you don’t have one, just wait patiently under a sunny rock, it’ll come around.

Leo: This is going to be an interesting year for you, if it’s not already.  Remember when you said you wanted to make a time line with clear cut objectives?  Well, the new moon’s a good time to make lists, start herbal extracts, and/or take a good look at your resources, all of them Leo. You’re richer than you think.

Virgo: I know and love a lot of Virgos.  Trying to keep that out of this forecast, I’ll think about your astral being, on the new moon.  Whether you remember it or not, your astral self is just as lovely as the constellation that bears its name.  Send it out on missions, gather information, and don’t worry about details now.  Virgo in the sky sees more than anyone on the ground.

Libra: I’ve been painting the signs of the Tarot, and making them into greeting cards. Just so happens that I’m on Justice; I’ve drawn her out but not painted her yet.  And so my suggestion to you, scales of divine justice, is to see yourself as a line drawing, look on your life from above, or outside.  What part is shaky? Where is the line too heavy? Take your pencil and lovingly adjust, erase, redraw.

Scorpio: You’ve been pretty busy lately, and I bet you’ve been neglecting your health a bit.  Yes yes, it’s all for the greater good, but please, Scorpio, before you hit the books or run a decathlon, take a long, hot bath and rest your bones.  You’ve got a hard shell, sure, but you put a lot of weight on it too, and, you know you’ll have to shake it off someday, right?

Sagittarius:  When I was little, you were my favorite sign in the zodiac, because you were the most different: half animal, half man.  2012 is a year of transition and major astral activity, from solar flares to universal realignment; what better time to be half one form and half another? Use your dexterity, your otherness, to guide your hand in the new moon and coming spring.

Capricorn: At this point Capricorn, I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime, but I won’t let you down.  This new moon in Pisces is asking for your undivided attention.  Recommend taking a few night walks, listening closely for owl calls, wolf howls, footfalls of every kind; like the Major in Twin Peaks, you’ll be getting your owl message soon.

Aquarius:  Move confidently into the new moon and the coming spring thaw, Aquarius; it’s a good year to be a water sign.

Let me say again here that I have no formal training, I just read a lot and stay up late.  And I listen to a very intelligent podcast by a friend of a friend, which I will plug right here. He reads much more than I, and definitely studies star charts, and there you will find a far more thorough read of the new moon in Pisces.


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