to everyone reading this, to all beings everywhere. I just got a rejection letter from a small press (on Christmas), but I’m even grateful for the rejection, because it closes an unanswered question and confirms my suspicions about the press.  No, no, that is not the right attitude at all; I’m grateful that I have enough faith in my writing and my self worth that rejection letters don’t bother me anymore, even when the timing is terrible.  I’m grateful I’m with my family today, though I miss my boyfriend something awful. He is far away, driving home in snow and ice, and I am praying for his protection tonight.

Blessings to the people who are alone this evening, and those who are with their families and it’s not going so well.  To anyone hungry and scared: you are in my thoughts.  And to the people and families that are happy, I wish you more happiness; blessings are for passing around.  Did you get what you wanted today? A soft new sweater, a feast with good wine, a camera for documenting your own life, or maybe just another day of being alive?  Two glasses of Merlot have me thinking all over the map; I’ll leave off with a  blessing on our collective, terrifying, beautiful future.


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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to Blessings

  1. Joan Virgil says:

    Consider this – the author of “The Help”, Kathryn Stockett, received 60 rejections before finding a publisher. And JK Rowling also faced many rejections before someone at Scholastic Press made a very wise publishing decision. The key is to remain optimistic, keep writing and keep submitting. (Of course, it’s always wise to have a back-up plan, too.)

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