WordPress interview five thousand

WordPress: Have you ever protested anything?

Erin Virgil: Yes, I took a bus from NYC down to Washington to protest the start of Bush’s war in Afghanistan, think I was a senior in college then.  I’ve protested in smaller scale events, against the circus and in response to a police shooting (of an innocent bystander on a busy street, on New Year’s Eve) in Albany, NY.  More protests than that but I can’t remember the others right now.

WP: Explain your strategy for life. Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve?

EV: Can’t say I’ve got a strategy.  And I’ve never had one really, which is perhaps why I’m broke all the time. My mind doesn’t see very far into the future, but the upside of this is intensely appreciating the present. I’m here to practice compassion and stay awake to creative possibilities.  And achieving something? I’d like to achieve home ownership again someday, see more of the world and meet interesting people.  Achieving a zero balance carbon footprint would be wonderful but I don’t really know how.

WP: Would you rather read minds or live forever?

EV: Neither.  If I had to choose, I’d go with reading minds, as that could possibly translate into money.  Living forever sounds like a curse to me.  Reading minds would be amusing for a while, but I expect it would quickly get depressing.  No, if I could choose a superpower of that shade, it would be fluency in many languages. Every language even, plus endless gigabytes of storage to record the small and dying languages.

WP: Write about the one that got away.

EV: I’ve never had that happen; for some reason I feel like this happens to men more often than women.

WP: If you needed more time, where would that time come from? What would you drop first?

EV: This question is not so straight forward for the unemployed. Theoretically I have loads of free time.  Practically, I regiment my days into job applications, freelance work, creative writing (the writing and submitting of), housework, errands, and miscellaneous arts and crafts. If I had to cut an hour out of there, it would be from the research and development end of the job application process.  Every job I apply for looks so familiar and pays so little, I might as well only read the minimum qualifications and where to email my resume.  And I’ve developed the hell out of  that resume, to underwhelming results.

WP: What is something you always talk about, but never do? Why is it often on your mind? Why does it never happen?

EV: I’d like to learn American Sign Language and build a teepee in the empty lot across the street.  Not having enough time or focus interferes with these aspirations.

WP: Why does corruption exist? Can it be stopped? What can bloggers do to help?

EV: That’s a hard question. I don’t know why it exists, but it’s been with humanity since the beginning.  At the center of corruption is the distortion of reality, usually coupled with brute force.  The mainstream media’s ignoring and then mocking the Occupy Movement, along with the unwarranted police brutality towards the protesters, is a prime example.  As the movement is protesting corruption, it was inevitable that the powers of corruption would respond, violently.  I do think corruption can be stopped, or at least, the current corruption can be wiped out and replaced with something (initially) good, but it will take mass citizen action.  It will take a collective awakening.  That’s what bloggers can do; keep exposing acts and systems of corruption wherever you see them.

WP: Do you feel like your name matches your personality?

EV: My name has come to match my personality. For a few years here and there it didn’t fit right, but now it does again. Now it’s sort of like how it fit when I was small, it’s my name and that’s all I know about it.  But even when my name felt slouchy or too tight or just the wrong name for me, other people said I looked like an Erin.

WP: If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

EV: Punkyninjabrewster. Punkyninjabrewster M. Virgil.


About emvlovely

Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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2 Responses to WordPress interview five thousand

  1. Joan Pinkham Virgil says:

    A funny thing, time – one never has enough of it, yet it’s finite. While you say you “theoretically have loads of free time”, you don’t have time to do what you’d like to do, or at least what you talk about doing (i.e., learn American sign language & build a teepee?)…

    Soon I’ll have “loads of free time” (theoretically). Guess I should start planning how to spend it, lest I waste this precious, limited “commodity”!

    • emvlovely says:

      Joanie you will have a long & fulfilling retirement with Dad, I just know it. I have a feeling you’ll find some great creative outlets too, you’re very talented in so many ways.

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