WordPress: when you get mad, what calms you down?

I have a few techniques.  First and most important, deep breathing.  Breathing like a yogi fixes a lot of negative physical and emotional states, and by lowering my heart rate I can’t stay angry, it’s a physiological certainty.

There are a few other simple physical things I do to release anger. It’s hard to stay pissed off in a lavender bath, or even a good steam shower.  Gently chewing on fennel seeds or cloves disperses tension, aids digestion and sweetens your breath to boot.

And, as it will be clear to anyone who read my previous post on the Chase Corporation,  I find writing very cathartic.  It helps me look at a situation from all sides, step away from the blindness of anger and think clearly again.  When I’m really mad, writing can be a physical and mental release; although my MacBook has had a few unfortunate health problems, its keyboard takes a beating and gets back up.  I’ve often wondered if Steve Jobs was a fellow furious typist, and designed the Apple keyboards to withstand mild user aggression.


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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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3 Responses to WordPress: when you get mad, what calms you down?

  1. In terms of writing furiously, I find a manual typewriter perfect. Problem is that some of the extemporanous writing becomes angry organically… a result of hitting the keys so fast and so hard. Thus Bobbie’s right: we write different things at different times of the day and with the various tools at our disposal.

    • emvlovely says:

      Thanks, T-Bone, that’s very useful. I also use a manual typewriter (an old Remington Rand), but it’s so pretty & antique I feel bad pounding on it too hard. Maybe I could combine haiku and furiously playing Nintendo somehow.

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