I wrote a haiku series recently, and published it on Yahoo, as I thought this would lead to some sort of payment (ha). If you’d like to read them, follow this link.  I apologize for the giant ad that intrudes into the poem, that’s another problem with the yahoo platform. [A special note to my Uncle Paul (whose last name I won’t list here, for his privacy’s sake); I tried to credit you on your photo, which I paired with the haiku (the theme was winter), but yahoo would not let me.  I am sorry, and if you’d like further credit, I will put your full name in here.]


About emvlovely

Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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2 Responses to haiku

  1. Paul Cashman says:

    Dear Erin —

    I am thrilled you used my photo for such a wonderful series of poems. I think that series of photos has some of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever taken (all credit due to Mother Nature, not me), and I think your haiku series is among the very best work of yours I have ever read. (I’d think that even if you hadn’t used my photo.) A perfect union of two media, in fact. No further acknowledgement of my work is necessary, but thanks for the thoughtfulness.

    I would love to have this photo and your poem on something I could frame in our study.

    I looked for some sort of PayPal button on the Yahoo site, but didn’t see a way to make a payment. Am I missing something?

    Love —
    Uncle Paul

  2. Joan Pinkham Virgil says:

    Beautiful photo, amazing poetry – thanks to you both for sharing your talents! I tried to post a comment at the Yahoo site without success…will try again later.

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