wordpress interview

I can’t help myself, I really like answering Word Press prompts in this throw down interview style.  So here is one more, I hope it pleases.

WordPress: Did you have a secret hiding place?

Erin Virgil: Yes, inside my childhood dollhouse. It got found by my nosy sister and brother. Another place I hid stuff: in boxes in closets, either very low down or very high up.

WP: What do you miss?

EV: Having a wide open mind that believed in fairies, trolls under bridges, dragons, Santa, talking trees, multiple gods and goddesses, books with moving pages, and direct trans-dimensional communication, among other beautiful lost things.  And, living in the mountains, sometimes I miss the ocean.

WP: How do you know when you’re right?

EV:  If nothing bad happens as a direct consequence of whatever I did “right”.  If it still seems right a week later, if the decision doesn’t keep me up at night, it’s right.  My compass moves slowly, like a grandfather clock on Valium.

WP:  What jobs do you wish you had?

EV:  National Geographic photographer, horoscope writer, astronaut (obviously), forensic pathologist, vampire (or even, vampire forensic pathologist), and costume designer for a historical epic set in 18th century England, with lots of lovely empress waist dresses, small lace-up shoes and foppish top hats.

WP:  What is your favorite day of the week, and why?

EV:  It must be Friday. I leave the failures of the week behind, the weekend has just started, there can be anticipation.  Friday evening has a certain energy to it; even if you don’t go anywhere or do anything particularly interesting, it feels different than other nights.

WP: When is it a good time to quit?

EV: While you’re still having fun.


About emvlovely

Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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4 Responses to wordpress interview

  1. You still don’t believevin those things? I do ($ometime$)

    • emvlovely says:

      Yes, sometimes I do too. Everything except for santa. Thanks for reading this, T-Bone Baggins. You’re my favorite Hobbit.

      • Thanks for the appreciation. Us hobbits don’t always get so much respect, especially me. Don’t want to bitch and bore you with a long story, but did you know that Tolkein and Jackson both thought I was too “ghetto” to include in the Tales? Sorry I’m basically the pure incarnation of Street. Which brings me back to the topic: sometimes I doubt the existence of mythical creatures, but being one myself and looking in the mirror, I should refrain (at least try to) from saying stuff like: “Who you be?”

  2. Joan Pinkham Virgil says:

    I, too, miss having an open mind and uninhibited imagination. I used to believe, if I concentrated hard enough, that my dolls and stuffed animals would come alive. And I was sure Mary Poppins was real, and I could pop through chalk paintings just like she did with Bert, Jane & Michael to visit an enchanting little fairgrounds. Too soon, adulthood arrives and reality & practicality set in… a bit sad to lose that childhood innocence.

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