on democracy

Just about given up on it. What just happened in Wisconsin was not democracy, it was oligarchy to the point of dictatorship. Republican puppets of the very rich castrated the unions, utterly against the will of the people.  What was Scott Walker’s percentage of the popular vote? 52, I think?  Rather than write coherently about this anymore, I’ll just rattle off some of the sad thoughts I’ve lately been having on the breakdown of democracy.

A certain kind of soul suck. A collective soul suck felt in the individual gut.

The veil ripped off so blatantly and our options so few.  Sick of the very word “loophole.”  I see the crowds camped out in Madison and then I see the word “loophole” and feel like crying.

A fireman, a nurse, and a teacher walk into a bar. They raise a glass to the end of their pensions.

Capitalism like a series of broken bones.  Without health insurance, obviously.



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One Response to on democracy

  1. Joanie Virgil says:

    Yes, the tea party has taken over the government in Wisconsin, and Governor Walker doesn’t appear to have a heart. However, it’s too soon to give up on democracy (after all, these people were elected by the voters and can be voted out next time), or the unions. As a state worker who isn’t represented by a union because of my particular job (although I’m a civil servant and NOT a political appointee), I haven’t had a raise in 2 years; NYS union workers have received 7% raises (from previously negotiated contracts) in that timeframe. Still, I’m very empathetic to the union-represented state workers in Wisconsin (and everywhere), and I hope they eventually prevail.

    Most of us who work for state government didn’t take our jobs to get rich…we liked the concept of public service, plus job security. Yes, our benefits are decent and we still have guaranteed pensions, but our salaries are not commensurate with the private sector. We’ve exchanged lower pay for decent health benefits and a pension, both of which are already in jeopardy in NYS. They’ve created a Tier 5 for new staff, and they’re now considering an even more drastic reduction in benefits, a Tier 6 plan. As our benefits are diminished, NYS and other states will not be able to attract talented staff.

    As a long-time state worker, I’m tired of being maligned as overpaid and underworked – that’s just not the case with most of the state workers who work for me and in my agency. We’re all hard-working, caring employees, and we do the best job we can for the public, while also trying to save money for the taxpayers. The negative talk about state workers is very demoralizing. . . guess it’s a good thing I only have 18 more months to work!

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