found an old memory (or, “where I come from,” a WordPress topic)

I remember things that happened twenty-six years ago, and some things from before this, when I was very small. Why is it bad memories stick together and crowd out good ones?  Find a pretty scene from the past: the first called up is riding my light blue bike with the banana seat from my house to Five Rivers, the nature preserve a couple of miles away, where there was a barn owl with a broken wing living in a giant cage with real trees growing through. Where there was a beehive you could see inside and worn bones and fossils to touch and outside there were trails leading into deep woods where there were five rivers. On my bike, looking up: autumn sky, clarity, red & orange & gold trees, old friends. Canadian geese pass over once, twice. The bike has a horn and the sky has a promise. No houses then, no cars, it was a small road with tall pines, birches, oak trees and apple trees. [All of them are gone now, box houses took their spots].  I was six, seven years old.


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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to found an old memory (or, “where I come from,” a WordPress topic)

  1. Joanie Virgil says:

    Oh, the beauty of the inner tube, marathon Uno and badminton games at Grandpa Jim’s camp, ski lessons with Tori & Eddie, Five Rivers. . . and many other “good memories” I don’t have time to list right now! (Notice I didn’t include family vacations, although we did have some good ones -e.g., CA, Nevada, Florida!)

    Love, Mom

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