Spore powers


from some grocery store. I don't think they're really even mushrooms, but some other weird root.

This mushroom or possibly root group is my inspiration for the week, in certain ways: 1. Branch out.  Use all sensory organs to connect to something greater. 2. Go underground and send messages  3.If I get  harvested and put on display in a grocery store,  I will keep my artistic integrity and somehow make a cool photo out of it.

Also, if I do everything on my list this week, resumes sent out and blah applications filled out and returned to potential blah places of employment, I will reward myself with the purchase of The Mushroom Men!, with a sweet coupon, naturally.  It is apparently a Wii game wherein you become a tiny mushroom with “weird spore powers,” and you  see the world from the perspective of an inch high organism.  Blades of grass, root networks, all of it.

Should I apologize for the blatant consumerism here?  It’s hard for me to see it this way; my Wii is the only piece of entertainment technology I own (outside of my laptop, which  I bought it when I went back to school–still had a job then, too–and my old unreliable one blew up), hooked up to a thrift store TV, weighing in around 50 pounds.   Without the Wii I’d be crawling the walls on these gray jobless January afternoons.  Yes, I read, and yes, I still write poetry, when the planets align correctly, but everyone needs a media adrenalin rush now and then.  And everyone gets theirs, whether it’s schadenfreude watching Jerry Springer, the voyeurism of reality TV,or blood lust from everything else.  I don’t watch any of that, I don’t watch much television at all.  I love going to the movies, but at $9 a pop they don’t jive with poverty line living.  So, I play the same ol’ non-bloody Nintendo Wii games I’ve had forever and space the hell out.

Like crossword puzzles, certain Wii games can ward off Alzheimer‘s Disease, which runs rampant in my family and scares me no end. I think the mental acuity training comes from repeated hand-eye coordination, reinforcing certain neural pathways.  Is this justification enough? I think so.  I’m ready to spend precious pennies on my first new game in over a year, and, if I get all this crapola checked off my to-do list, then dammit I am going to buy The Mushroom Men!

And then I’ll tell you all about my weird new spore powers.


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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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One Response to Spore powers

  1. Joanie Virgil says:

    Wondering if you’ve earned your reward yet – the Mushroom Men, that is(?)

    Yes, I have serious guilt about (possibly) passing along the Alzheimer’s gene. The good news is there are millions of baby boomers like me who are approaching the “at risk” age for the disease, and we’re desperate for a cure. May be too late for me, but I’ll bet there will be lots of treatment options, and maybe a cure, by the time you get there…good excuse/rationalization for buying the Wii game, though!

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