Following the sugesstion of the word press people, I write about my favorite sounds

After writing roughly ten serious emails today, I’m just going with a list of free associations, like it or back button, I suppose.

Sounds I love:

Summer thunder, late afternoon.  That’s a northeast thing mostly.  Hot blank sky gives way to black, it’s suddenly chilly and still.  Suspended. Then, thunder.

Out west my favorite sounds are also elemental: broken up wood in the fireplace burning through, clacking river rocks together, owl calls.

Water rolling down the tiny wooden fountain by the sink in our apartment.  Hoping for a garden with a pond someday.

The absence of sound as the lights in the movie theater are turned down and everyone suddenly stops talking.  The space just before the MGM lion roars or the Universal mountain shoots up to heaven.

Cliché the moment I think it: “ocean waves.”  I can’t deny I love their sound, and a day of lying on a beach listening to the rolling, the calming; well, that’s a good day. I don’t remember the last day like that.

Another cliché: coffee starting up, rustling around deep in the big machine.  We have a fancy joint espresso/coffee pot from Krups by way of Craig’s list that makes all sorts of uppity drinks but still spills all over the counter every fucking time you pour a cup of coffee.  And yet, measuring out and pouring in the ground up coffee, running cold water, stepping back and a certain immeasurable length of time later, hearing the pot wake up, the first perks drip down: it’s part of the rhythm.  The first honest house sound of the day.

The sound Prince Hotspur makes when I roll him over on the bed.  Surprised and indignant, from deep in his disheveled orange chest.  A note from an unapologetic bed-hog.

Crows cawing across a road, a ditch, an open field.  I love to hear my totem’s voice, especially when a solitary call startles me out of some low thoughts. I immediately look out the window, try to find the sharp and slick profile sounding off, reminding.


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Oh, I live in an RV. I write poems, essays and prose. Thanks for reading my blog, good health to you!
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5 Responses to Following the sugesstion of the word press people, I write about my favorite sounds

  1. Paul Cashman says:

    I would add — the sound of a hummingbird. The first time I heard one, I jumped, because I thought it was the mother of all bumblebees. When I saw the tiny green body suspended in space and realized it was the source of the sound, I felt as if the universe had revealed one of its secrets to me.

  2. Paul Cashman says:

    Another thought — the sound of the gas flame when I put the tea kettle on in winter. It’s a promise of warmth and enjoyment to come in a few minutes — something to push back the inner and outer cold.

  3. Jane Cashman says:

    Winter Sounds I Like:
    The re-assuring sound of the heat coming on.
    Paul asking “Would you like me to make hot chocolate?”
    Winter Sound I Dislike:
    Being awakened by snowplows during the night, not just for being so rudely awakened, but for the uncertainty now provoked: “how hard is itsnowing, how deep will it be by morning, how hard will it be to get to work?”

  4. Jane Cashman says:

    Summer Sounds I Like:
    The sounds of the screens being snapped into the windows. Hurray! Open-window season has arrived!
    Hearing crickets and bull frogs through aforementioned open windows.
    Paul asking “Would you like to go get ice cream?”
    Summer Sound I Dislike:
    A mosquito in the bedroom! (“Which screen has a hole in it?”)

  5. Joanie Virgil says:

    In the middle of this miserable, icy, snowy and interminable northeast winter, I’m longing for the “sights and scents” of spring. Some of my favorites:

    –Returning Canada geese, flying in distinctive “V” formation; soon, we’ll see mating pairs, then gooslings(!) at Five Rivers.
    –Crocuses, peeking out through the snow
    –Magnificent magnolias is full spring bloom
    –Deliciously fragrant lilac bushes
    –The scent of freshly mowed grass (even if I’ve done the mowing!)

    Can you tell I have a severe case of cabin fever?!

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