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Spore powers

This mushroom or possibly root group is my inspiration for the week, in certain ways: 1. Branch out.  Use all sensory organs to connect to something greater. 2. Go underground and send messages  3.If I get  harvested and put on … Continue reading

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wearing it like a dirty old shirt my skills are irrelevant, capitalism doesn’t care will my tattoos and battle scars show at the interview? will I get an interview? & so on & so forth no job: I’m a guy … Continue reading

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Following the sugesstion of the word press people, I write about my favorite sounds

After writing roughly ten serious emails today, I’m just going with a list of free associations, like it or back button, I suppose. Sounds I love: Summer thunder, late afternoon.  That’s a northeast thing mostly.  Hot blank sky gives way … Continue reading

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Sign me up for this worthy challenge!  Despite just graduating from an MFA creative writing program, where I did nothing but write, make coffee and collage furiously, and despite having no job whatsoever, I shall post something here on raggedyshotgunann … Continue reading

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a wing that breaks the moon

Full moon as Capricorn turns to Aquarius and this seems important.  If only I knew what it meant.  The full moon like a fat sack of quarters in the skylight.  Not every post will be this “romantic,” it’s just the … Continue reading

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